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I am from orchidee coloured tassels, banana apples,
from Hostess Twinkies and Martha White self-rising flour.

I am from the communal harvest cabins with pastel chalk drawings on the walls
…being resourceful, remaining contagious,
and from morning tiny chimes.

I am from the red wood pine tree, magnolias, linen, the lichen, foxgloves,
from yellow dust specks in the window frame,

I am from No Birthday Presents
stubborn defiance,
from Julia Lou, Lee Chandler and Grandma Holder.

I am from the determine-minded traveling
from controlling environments.

From “Sugar is just like a drug.”
From “Read with a Dictionary beside you.”

I am from Vacation Bible School, Speaking in tongues,
From outdoor Sermons at the break of Dawn.

I’m from Oklahoma City, Ireland, and tomato gravy with biscuits.

From the Julia walked out on her family,
Peeked through the window at husband and her children eating in the kitchen,
From my Great Traveling Aunt who patented a slide ruler,
I am from Granddad left the boys black and blue.

I am from chifforobes, paper boxes, bookshelves, plastic cases, vases, stuffed animals, books, drawings, pressed flowers, and leather bound journals.

Where I am from is worth collecting
all specks of gold floating in space
from the LORD’s super nova stars exploding.

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Your wise quote is: "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising everytime we fall" by Confucius.
Yes indeed, you see true strenght can only be seen when a person has "fallen". Only then one can tell how they will handle it. Just don't make others fall so you can know who they really are. You on the other hand may be a very quick recoverer and don't let people bring you down. You are your own, and you're find with that. Emotional issues is something you handle rather nicely.
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You are self-confident and like to bring attention to yourself.

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